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How to Dose Edibles Properly

How to Dose Edibles Properly

Jenna Goldring

The biggest challenge people face with edibles is getting the dose correct. 

A properly dosed edible is a relaxing, enjoyable experience that should leave you feeling lighter and brighter. But most cannabis consumers, myself included, have imbibed too heavily before, leading to an overwhelming high that lasts too long and feels too strong. With proper dosing, this can be an experience left in the past. 

So how do you properly dose an edible? And what, exactly, should it feel like when you do? 

The Benefits of Low-Dose Edibles

While you (and everyone else) have a unique endocannabinoid system that may react differently to new products, I can predict how High Confectionary edibles will make you feel because of the low dose and how many people have tried them. 

Each gummy from High Confectionary has just 1 mg of THC. Serious stoners who have been getting high for decades may turn their nose up at such a low dose, but I made these edibles for myself and for you, who want to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant without feeling higher than the moon. 

The microdose of THC in each gummy allows you to have complete control over your experience. You can have only one and feel stress lifting away, or you can have a few at a time to create your ideal cannabis experience. With low-dose edibles, you customize your dosage to exactly how you want to feel.  

Learning How to Layer Your THC Dose 

High Confectionary has two kinds of microdose edibles: Uplift and Sleep. 

One Uplift gummy will not feel like getting high, but it may feel like a weight has been removed from your shoulders. You may feel relaxed, lighter, and quicker to laugh. With one gummy, it’s less about what you do feel (high) and more about what you don’t feel (stressed, tense, or distracted.) 

If you’re new to cannabis consumption, two Uplift gummies may make you feel high - but just slightly. You may feel a gentle lifting sensation in your head or your body, and you may even feel social or chatty. If you have consumed cannabis before with some regularity, then two Uplift gummies will continue to make you feel better without that dreaded sensation of getting too high. 

Three or more Uplift gummies may make you feel high. But! 3, 4, or 5 mg of THC is not a high dose, even if it makes you feel that way. Save this strong dosing for nights when you’re swapping alcohol for cannabis with friends or when you really want to curl up on the couch with a good movie and your significant other. 

The Effects of Microdose Sleep Gummies

High Confectionary’s Sleep gummies also have one mg of THC, as well as one mg of CBD and one mg of CBN. Try a single gummy for a few nights before you decide to have more here. 

One gummy will help you quiet your mind and let the stress of the day fade away. A single gummy won’t make you feel sedated or couch-locked, but as relaxed as a warm bath and a good mug of tea do. The gentle effects of low doses of THC are enough to help a busy mind wind down for the night and put on hold the to-do list of tomorrow. 

Some people with a higher tolerance may prefer two Sleep gummies at night, but I recommend testing one gummy out for at least a week before increasing the dose. This allows you to understand exactly how the gummy is making you feel both at night and in the morning. 

High does of THC aren’t necessary to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Even one milligram of THC is enough to make a difference in your tension and stress levels. Taking low-dose edibles allows you to customize your cannabis routine based on your daily needs, rather than going for a ride on a strong edible. 

Curious how a microdose of THC could help you? Explore the High Confectionarys lineup of low-dose edibles and take control of your edible experience. 

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