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Cannamoms: A Double Standard

Cannamoms: A Double Standard

Jenna Goldring

In the world of modern parenting, I've noticed a new label emerging: "Cannamoms." These are mothers, like myself, who openly consume cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. While this label can be a source of empowerment and community, it also raises questions about why we need to be singled out for our cannabis use in the first place.

The Good: Empowerment and Community

The term "Cannamoms" has created a sense of solidarity among mothers who use cannabis. This community provides a safe space for sharing experiences, tips, and support. For many of us, cannabis is a way to manage the stresses of parenting, cope with postpartum depression, or alleviate chronic pain. The Cannamoms movement has helped destigmatize cannabis use, showing that it's not just about getting high but can be a part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The label challenges outdated stereotypes by showing that moms can responsibly enjoy cannabis just as they might a glass of wine after a long day. It’s a step toward normalizing cannabis and breaking down the taboos surrounding its use.

The Annoying: Why the Call-Out?

The term "Cannamoms" also highlights an annoying double standard. Why do we need a specific label for moms who use cannabis? Dads who use cannabis aren't given a special name. This reflects broader societal attitudes that place different expectations on mothers. By singling us out, we inadvertently reinforce the idea that our behavior is somehow more controversial or noteworthy.

Furthermore, the label can feel patronizing. It suggests that a mother's cannabis use is something exceptional or out of the ordinary, needing its own category. This can be frustrating for women who feel that our choices are being scrutinized or judged more harshly than those of our male counterparts. It’s a reminder that, despite progress, gender-based double standards still persist.

The Bigger Picture

The Cannamoms movement is a microcosm of the larger conversation about cannabis legalization and normalization. As more states and countries move toward legalization, the stigma around cannabis use is slowly fading. Yet, the fact that we need a term like "Cannamoms" at all indicates that there is still work to be done in achieving true equality and acceptance.

While the Cannamoms label can be a source of empowerment and community for many, it also highlights the persistent double standards that mothers face. Celebrating moms who use cannabis is important, but it’s equally crucial to question why we feel the need to single them out in the first place. As society continues to evolve, perhaps one day we won't need such labels at all.

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