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Ways to have fun without the hangover trading your wine and cocktail for edibles

Trading Wine for Weed

Jenna Goldring

Why is wine so much more acceptable than weed? For that matter, why is whiskey so much more acceptable than weed? 

(It’s a rhetorical question - I know why.) 

But when you dig into the effects of each substance (and the history) it really begs the question - why is weed use so unacceptable? 

The Social Norms of Wine versus Weed

When you’re young, it’s easy to not think critically about these things. People hand you a drink and you drink it. People give you a shot and you take it. It may hurt the next morning but you feel invincible, so what does it matter? It’s about having a good time and fitting in. A hangover is a small price to pay for a fun night out on the town. 

But one day you wake up, and the hangover isn’t such a small price anymore. In fact, it feels quite expensive. You find yourself trading an entire day for a few hours out with friends. That nightly glass of wine turns into a day-long headache and recovering from ripping shots isn’t so simple. Suddenly you’re not invincible - you feel totally human. Or at least, I did.

Don’t get me wrong - this isn’t a hate letter to alcohol. I love a glass of good red wine out at dinner and sipping on a cocktail is a delicious indulgence. But the older I get, the more I find myself wondering why alcohol, which acts as a poison in our systems, is so much more acceptable than weed. 

(And yes, I’m well aware of the historical context and the coordinated smear campaign against the plant.) 


  • Alcohol disrupts sleep. Weed supports it. 
  • Alcohol robs you of memories and takes you out of the moment. Weed helps you stay present. 
  • Alcohol disrupts your digestion and upsets your stomach. Weed calms and encourages it. 
  • Alcohol takes away your next-day functionality. Weed supports it. 
  • Alcohol won’t help you be more active. Weed does. 
  • Alcohol causes anxiety and panic attacks. Weed reduces it. 


And yet it’s more acceptable to share a bottle of tequila than a bottle of edibles at a party with friends. Or at least, it used to be. 

Trading Wine for Weed

One of the greatest joys of being an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry is getting to help people change their opinions on weed. You don’t have to get sky-high with edibles or hurt your throat smoking joints to benefit from the powers of the plant - you just have to be willing to try. 

When I first started trading a glass of wine with friends for one of my Uplift gummies, I was nervous. People can get touchy about alcohol, and some people take my decision not to drink personally. But one glass of wine leads to two, which leads to three, and the next thing I know, my head is pounding and my stomach is unsettled all day. When I take an Uplift gummy, I get a similar feeling to a glass of wine - relaxed, present, and joyful - without feeling like I need to go back for more. 

If I’m having a late night, I’ll layer my edibles together, reaching for a second Uplift gummy to keep the good feelings going. And yet even when I do, I know that I’ll still be able to fall asleep tonight and wake up refreshed and well-rested tomorrow - with no lingering effects or feeling of shame, wondering what I did last night. 

When I first started sharing my Uplift gummies, my friends turned me down. They were fearful of feeling out of control and too high - a feeling I know well. That’s how most edibles make me feel, and the reason that each High Confectionary gummy has only 1 mg of THC. 

I love the feeling of cannabis - but my tolerance is low and I want to keep it that way. With just 1 mg of THC per edible, I can control exactly how I want to feel. One gummy gets me lifted and relaxed and two puts me in a state of joy - but I never feel like my head is in the clouds or I’m too high to function. And that’s what I told my friends - I know exactly how you’ll feel when you take one of these. One by one, I convinced them to give High Confectionary a try, and every time, I watched as they were amazed by how good they felt and how controlled they were. 

I’m not here to convince you to give anything up in your life. But if you feel, like I felt, that alcohol isn’t helping you, then maybe High Confectionary gummies can.

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