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What’s a microdose? What amount of THC should I take?

What’s a microdose? What amount of THC should I take?

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Jenna Goldring

Microdosing 101:

There’s no one definition of a microdose (or a dose, for that matter). That’s because everyone’s bodies, tolerances, and reactions to cannabis are different. But microdosing is consuming a smaller-than-standard dose, like our 1 mg THC gummies—just enough to feel the effects without messing up your plans for the day.

Some companies claim that 2.5mg or even 5mg are considered to be a microdose. But if you have a lower tolerance or have never tried products containing THC before, you may still feel psychoactive effects from these doses. That is why we made our gummies 1mg per piece, so you can get the amazing effects from THC without always having to feel high (unless you want to of course, then eat a bunch of them!) 

Check out our microdosed gummies and find the dose that is right for you.

What amount of THC is right for me?

This is usually personal preference, and we recommend starting low and going slow so you have a good understanding of your level of tolerance. The beautiful thing about our bite sized edibles is you can match the dosage to your mood. If you aren’t feeling like blasting off, you can set your own pace with individually dosed deliciousness. The right amount of THC varies for everyone; but the best advice we can give is try a lower does and scale up from there.




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