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Founder and proud mom , Jenna Goldring, holding her microdose High Confectionary hemp edibles

Microdosing THC: How Low-Dose Edibles Helped Me Navigate Parenthood

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Jenna Goldring

When I started High Confectionary, it was borne of a personal need to find lower-dose edibles. I was tired of playing Russian roulette every time I took edible, never knowing if it would be functional or end up crazy high. 

It started in college with brownies (who hasn’t been there?) but even as the legal cannabis market came to California, I found that the edibles in dispensaries were simply too strong. I wanted something that would take the edge off without making me couch-locked or knocking me out, a cannabis product I could control, not be controlled by. 

When I couldn’t find a truly low-dose edible in dispensaries, I decided to create my own. I launched High Confectionary’s Uplift gummies which have just 1 mg of THC. 

These gummies got such a great reaction I decided to expand. But when I started formulating our sleep gummies, something incredible happened - I got pregnant. And once I had my son, I realized I had created something I needed, without anticipating it. 


Mommy’s Little Helper: Low-Dose THC Edibles 

Being a parent is hard. Being a new parent is really hard. Exhaustion, stress, mental and physical fatigue - everything you hear is true. 

For me, becoming a parent to my incredible little boy spiked the anxiety I’ve been dealing with all my life. The familiar sensation of tightness in my chest or a pit in my stomach was amplified at 2 am when my son was crying or I couldn’t get back to sleep after he finally settled. Turns out, all I needed was my sleep gummies. 

With just 1 mg of THC,  these gummies won’t get you high. But what they will do is give you a mental break, helping to step out of the fog of stress and anxiety. As I moved through the first few months of my son’s life, I marveled at how well I had solved a problem for myself without realizing it. 


Weed Edibles for People Who Don’t Like Weed

So many parents face the same issues as I do - stress, anxiety, and an inability to relax. It can be hard for a mom or dad to reach for a cannabis product because of the continued stigma against this plant. Edibles in particular have a bad reputation, and so many people have turned away from cannabis after getting “too high” with an edible. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

With High Confectionary edibles, I know what kind of experience you’re going to have. These gummies are strain-specific with a tiny dose of THC - just 1 mg. You won’t feel high, out of control, or stuck on the couch. You won’t have trouble falling asleep or wake up groggy. But what you will feel is better, just a little bit. Like your brain was finally able to set down of some the weight it’s been carrying.

I often joke that High Confectionary edibles are weed products for people who don’t like weed. I wanted to create an edible that worked like a glass of wine or a beer - one certainly won’t make you feel out of control, but it will make you feel lighter. I stopped drinking after having my son because I needed to be able to function the next day - and headaches and hangovers made me a less present, patient parent. Now when I want to be social and take the edge off, I’ll take a few of the uplift gummies, and I still wake up in the morning feeling great, ready to be present for my son. 

I started High Confectionary to solve my own problem because I knew other people needed lower-dose edibles just like I did. But as this company and my life have evolved, I am amazed by how much I rely on my own products - I take a gummy every night. 


Edibles with a Microdose of THC

My goal with High Confectionary edibles is to convince people to give cannabis another chance. 

You don’t have to feel out of control when you take an edible. It’s absurd to me that 5 mg of THC is considered a low dose. For many people, 5 mg is too much. The fear of getting “too high” keeps a lot of canna-curious people, especially parents away, from weed. 

High Confectionary edibles only have 1 mg of THC. This way, you have complete control over your experience. If you’re nervous about trying edibles, I recommend starting with a microdose, which is half of a gummy - just .5 mg. 

What’s in High Confectionary Low Dose Edibles? 

When I set out to do this, I set out to do it right, using only ingredients I want in my body with manufacturing processes I can stand behind. That’s why High Confectionary gummies are made with all-natural ingredients. 

I wanted something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth without artificial ingredients. High Confectionary uses vegan ingredients including cane sugar for a sweet treat that takes the edge off and makes you feel good. These gummies also use hemp-derived THC, meaning they can ship anywhere in the country. 


I love hearing feedback from parents who’ve tried High Confectionary’s gummies and I am continually honored that people trust me with their cannabis experience.

I never intended to create a cohort of parents who consume cannabis to sleep better, relax more, and become more present parents - but I’m so glad I did. I had no idea how much solving a problem in my own life would change my life. 

My mission with High Confectionary (besides making edibles for my daily life) is to remove the stigma around cannabis and show people it’s just not about getting high. You don’t have to get high at all to benefit from weed. So much of having a positive experience with cannabis comes down to the right dosage. And with low-dose edibles, you never have to worry about what kind of experience you’ll have. 

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