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Buy Weed from Women: Supporting female run brands

Buy Weed from Women: Supporting female run brands

Jenna Goldring

It's no secret that the cannabis industry, like many others, has been a bit of a boys' club, but it's high time we shifted the spotlight.

The industry is booming, thanks to legalization efforts worldwide, opening up a ton of opportunities for innovation and business. And women are increasingly becoming key consumers in the cannabis market. According to Headset.io, between the first quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter of 2021, sales to female customers rose by 55%, outpacing the growth in sales to male customers, which increased by 49%. This data indicates a growing acceptance and interest in cannabis among female consumers.

But here’s the kicker: even with all this growth, the top ranks are still mostly guys.

This isn’t just disappointing—it's a missed opportunity. Diverse leadership, including having more women at the helm, isn’t just good karma; it’s good business. Different perspectives lead to more creativity and, ultimately, more profits.

Peeking at the numbers, we've seen some progress with women in executive roles in the cannabis world inching up to 23.1% recently. Yet, that's a dip from the nearly 37% we saw pre-pandemic. And when you compare that to the broader business world, where women make up about 29.1% of CEOs, cannabis still has some catching up to do.

The Women in Cannabis Expo sheds light on an even more startling fact: only 8% of women are rocking the CEO and top company positions in cannabis.

This is where we come in—choosing to support women-owned brands sends a loud message that diversity matters to us consumers. When we talk about consumer power, it's about much more than just where we choose to spend our money. Each purchase is like casting a vote for the world we want to see. In the context of the cannabis industry, when consumers opt for products from female-owned brands, they're doing more than just buying a product; they're investing in women's empowerment, equity, and the dismantling of gender disparities.

It's a ripple effect—supporting these women not only helps their businesses flourish but also paves the way for more female entrepreneurs to enter the space.

This growth contributes to a more balanced industry landscape, where women's contributions and leadership are recognized and valued. But, it’s not just about buying from women-led brands; it’s about understanding the extra hurdles women, particularly moms, face in this industry. Balancing business with family isn’t new, but the fast-paced, regulation-heavy cannabis industry adds an extra layer of challenge. And let’s not forget the stigma that still clings to cannabis, making it tougher for these entrepreneurs to find support.

So, what can we do? Shop consciously, sure, but also talk about it, share resources, and push for policies that open doors for more women to lead in cannabis. It’s about making the industry not just more profitable, but more inclusive and innovative by embracing the unique strengths women bring to the table. At the end of the day, supporting women in cannabis isn’t just a nod to equality; it's about enriching the industry with diverse voices and visions.  


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