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Building the Best Edible for Sleep

Building the Best Edible for Sleep

Jenna Goldring

What does it take to build the best edible for sleep? That depends on who you ask. 

Finding the Best Edible for Sleep for Myself

Some people swear by CBD gummies while others prefer the sedating effects of high potency THC gummies. Some brands use only CBN. But when I was on the hunt for a reliable sleep edible, I found that CBD didn’t do enough, and THC did too much. 

When I tried CBD gummies for sleep, I had to take way more than the suggested amount to be able to shut down my anxious brain. THC edibles shut my brain down faster, but the effects lasted into the morning and made me groggy - not ideal for a mom and an entrepreneur. 

I went searching through the research to find out why this could be. Besides the fact that everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different (as unique as your fingerprint), it turns out that single cannabinoid gummies (just THC or CBD) may not work as well as those with a blend. 

Is THC, CBD, or CBN Best for Sleep? 

What I found on CBD surprised me - the research for sleep is mixed. While CBD is thought to help increase sleep time, it can also be wakeful when used alone - no wonder I had trouble falling asleep with CBD sleep gummies. 

There’s far more research on THC and its effects on sleep, which is why you see it in so many sleep edibles. But I found through trial and error that most sleep gummies were way too strong for me. High-potency THC gummies can help you fall asleep - no doubt! - but the sedating effects can last longer than your 8 hours of shut-eye, and who wants to wake up feeling high and groggy, instead of well-rested? 

CBN is the hot new cannabinoid on the block and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen it in other products. But again I was surprised by the research - results on using CBN for better sleep were mixed and suggested that CBN works best with THC present. 

Crafting a Low Potency Edible for Sleep 

After digging into the studies and trying dozens of different gummies with little success, it became clear to me that there was a gap in the market. 

There wasn’t a product for people like me, who wanted to get better sleep with cannabis, but needed a low-potency product with multiple cannabinoids in order to get my best sleep and feel rested and alert the next day. 

The entourage effect is a scientific theory that says compounds from the cannabis and hemp plants like CBD and CBN work best together - not separated. With that in mind, I knew when I started formulating High Confectionary’s Sleep gummies, they needed a blend of cannabinoids. 

High Confectionary’s Uplift gummies have just 1 mg of THC, so that was the perfect place for me to start with Sleep gummies. I added 1 mg of CBD and 1 mg of CBN to create a beneficial blend of cannabinoids that takes advantage of the entourage effect. Each sleep gummy has just 3 mg of cannabinoids, which is lower than almost any other product on the market. 

What’s in Your Edibles? 

But the cannabinoids are just half of the formulation for a good edible - the other ingredients matter too. Many gummies on the market are full of additives, preservatives, and sugar. I have a sweet tooth and love a late-night treat, but there’s no reason to pack a single gummy full of fake sugars. I was shocked to find how many gummies had harmful dyes like red 40 and yellow 5 - not ingredients that I felt comfortable consuming. 

Even before I was a mom, I was constantly looking for ways to eat better. When I feed my body well, I feel better, sleep better, and show up better. I didn’t want to sacrifice my focus on clean eating to get better sleep - so I knew I needed to make a gummy that I felt good eating and sharing with my friends and family. 

High Confectionary’s Uplift gummies are made with natural, vegan ingredients so it was simple to translate that formula to Sleep gummies. We use tapioca syrup, starch, and pectin to get a gummy consistency and natural dyes from radishes and carrots to get our bright colors. 

When I first started making low-potency vegan gummies, I received some pushback. Wouldn’t people want stronger doses? Did I really think there was a market for gummies with just 1 mg of THC? But I knew there was a gap in the market- because I needed these. 

Many people shy away from trying cannabis products because of the fear of getting too high. With High Confectionary gummies, I can confidently recommend them because I know how you’ll feel. Our Sleep gummies make it easy to quiet your brain, relax your body, and drift off into a restful, restorative sleep. And isn’t that what everyone wants?  

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